So obviously something crazy has happened that has completely prevented me from doing anything remotely blog related. I’m blaming my lack of laptop accessibility. It hasn’t per say bit the dust but it has lost all power. In other words the power cord somehow has fizzled out. Any who I am at least now cooking with power on the kids desktop which has now become pretty much mine. 

On to the point of this post… my thoughts on TFIOS. Never too late for thoughts right? What about if it’s not really a review but more of an experience. Sure whatever for a post right?


The hubs decided the boys should endure TFIOS with me because… well no reason other than to pay for their crimes against humanity. AKA not doing chores when told. I thought in theory it would be a brilliant idea to experience a movie that did not involve super heroes-comic heroes-or digital animation of any kind. A real movie that was loosely real life based. 

We got there fairly early, partly because the hubs had an earlier movie time for X-Men and because obviously it was opening weekend and YA girls would be taking over the theater. Is it sad that I told the oldest that with him  watching the movie and admitting it to a girl, his swoon worthiness points would increase by ten fold? He’s taking it in to consideration. 

That brings us to the beast of our story the youngest. Dragging him to this movie for punishment was really for me and not him. From the beginning it was complete anarchy for him seeing this movie and he was going to do everything in his power to drive me nuts. The complaints were non stop throughout the movie despite the fact I made sure he wasn’t sitting next to me. I learned that lesson from the drama debut. Somehow, someway he learned that since he would be thrown out of the movies by his mother if he made a peep during the show that he would consistently sniff his nose non stop. This would have been okay during parts that were sniffle worthy…like toward the end maybe. No this was through the entire movie. I seriously about lost every ounce of patience in my well being. 

We finally made it to the end where his sniffling was acceptable and when it completely ended and everyone was gaining their composure he boldly exclaimed “I have seen sadder movies.”  I’m pretty sure he waited the entire movies just to utter those very words. I honestly feared for his safety from hundreds (not really) of YA girls throwing popcorn at his head.

My thoughts on the movie… From what I  could keep my attention on, despite my child distracting me, it followed the book fairly well. Here’s where I mention this oversight that I hope was just based on my distraction and not lack of it not being in the movie. The quote, the whole premise of the title of the book, I missed. I hope. Because surely surely they wouldn’t have not included that quote? I haven’t done any research on this issue and I’m pretty sure I would have heard something by now from other readers/watchers of the book. I really hate the thought that I missed it. If there is one thing I love, is a vague book title and then finding the quote or situation that goes with the title. It’s like a light house, your lost at shore and finally see it and understand the premise and it guides you home, guides you on in to the rest of the book. 

I’m pretty sure my lack of sleep in the past few days lead me to that strange analogy. I’m just going to roll with it. 

At this point I can’t guarantee another post for another long while. I so miss my blogging.  I’m jumping back on the knowledge train mastering my marketing skills.  You see what I did there? You’re on to me aren’t you?

A to Z Bookish Meme

It’s becoming quite the trend with all the book memes but that’s pretty much the big thing I’m doing with the last of my free time, so why not blog about it? I blame Jen @mommmablogsalot. She has a meme supplier,

Author you’ve read the most books from: At this point Eloisa James has surpassed any other author I’ve read. I know I talk about her a lot. I blame my guilty pleasure of historical romance and that I could read two or three of her books in a week. Like popcorn I keep telling you. Before that it had to be LM Montgomery when I plowed through most of the Anne and Emily series.

Best sequel ever: I agree with everyone else you might as well call it best series ever. This is hard. The Selection series is great. Hunger Games was probably my first read series that I had read in quite awhile…in other words since Twilight. I would say for sure Hunger Games, Anne of Green Gables, and The Selection Series not in that order. There really is too many.

Currently reading: I’m sort of reading Pride and Prejudice but I’m really just waiting for The One-from the Selection Series. I probably shouldn’t put that as my best series list yet, if I haven’t read the last one.

Drink of choice while reading: I’ll go with a Diet Dr. Pepper as that’s usually what I’m drinking, if I’m drinking something.

E-reader or physical book?: E-reader-it’s where the library is ya know.

Fictional character you probably would have actually dated in high school. Everyone is saying Mr. Darcy. Hello.. I would marry Mr. Darcy not just date him. He was more of the marrying than dating type. I would honestly have to say if we are talking about who I wanted to date based on what I read in high school it would be Gilbert Blythe from Anne. I could never understand her and why she couldn’t see how much he loved her all those gazillion times he asked to marry her. Silly Anne. I sooo skimmed for Gilbert scenes in the book than I did when reading Pride. Just saying. I would get giddy as it would seem to take forever sometimes.
Now if we are talking on who I would date based on what I’ve read currently…. I think it would have to be what’s his face from Divergent, sheesh obviously I’m already soo over him, as I can’t even think of his name. Typical teenage boy book crushes.

Hidden gem book: I know I’m going to be so made fun of but I think it would be (based on recent reads) When Beauty Tamed The Beast. This was the first Eloisa James I read and I no idea what to expect, it was just an in between book to tide me over between want to reads. It’s her fairy tale historic fiction series, it’s very tastefully done and it’s fluffy romance and the humor and wit alone sold me. Some of the character names alone slay me. This one was actually very loosely in jest based on House the TV series. Wait? How is Beauty and Beast related to House? Read and see.

Important moment in your reading life: I think I have two. My second grade teacher was the biggest reading influence I had. She read out loud to us Little House On The Prairie among other chapter books. She also gave books away for good behavior. I think it helped that I was her pet so I got a lot books. I was hooked. I’ve seen her twice in the past year at our town hamburger joint. It’s always such a thrill. I’m thinking next time I just need to add her as a friend on facebook. My class was literally her first class she taught right out of college. Obviously she was a big inspiration to me on the reading front.
The second was when I inspired the lady I babysat for in Jr High to read Anne of Green Gables. She was a former teacher at the time but had not read the series, me being all of 12 informed her that it was a requirement that she read these books and I would ride my bike around the block in a fury to get her the next the book, because obviously I had and still have the whole series. There is no bigger thrill when someone loves a book/book series that you love yourself.

Just finished: The Night Circus. I wouldn’t say it’s in my top read list. I think it was a great filler book to get me through until my next really want to read books. I think I would have been okay if I hadn’t read it but I now feel like I can move on and check it off my to read list. That sounds so callous.

Kinds of books you won’t read: The vampire/werewolf changling such and such books some of them are the heavy romance others just spin offs of Twilight. I gave it an honest try once for a friend who is really into them but just couldn’t do it. Twilight was probably as good as it was going to get for me on vampires and all of their diaries/stories and what have you. I won’t read Horror and I’m not too big on mysteries anymore, though I really used to be. In Jr. High, I had a big obsession with Agatha Christie for some reason.

Longest book you’ve read: Mmmm…The Clan of The Cave Bear series was pretty hefty if I remember correctly. I actually read these at 12. Since the lady I babysat for read my Anne books, it was only proper for me to read her series. They may have been hefty based on my age at the time, but for some reason they stand out.

Most major book hangover : That’s hard. I have so many. I kind of didn’t want Fault In Our Stars to be over. Oh the feels. I’d also say that Hunger Games kind of did that for me too.

Number of bookcases you own: One very decent sized one. I honestly don’t splurge ever on books if I know I can get most of them free from the library. The ones I don’t get so far I haven’t died yet that I haven’t read. I admit it is kind of getting there where I may have to expand from the library. Yet, very soon I probably won’t have time to read anymore so I won’t be buying or downloading. I better really hurry and them all in.

One book you have read multiple times: Okay I know I’ve admitted my sad addiction before but (whispers) I’ve read 50SOFG 3 times now. If you don’t get the abbreviation it’s okay. Total guilty pleasure, like eating a whole container of ice cream in one sitting kind of guilt. You know it’s really bad but it’s just sadly so good.

Preferred place to read: My couch or my bed. I’m not fancy.

Quote that you like, from a book you’ve read:
“You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have a say in who hurts you. I like my choices” -Fault In Our Stars
I’m seriously thinking of buying the actual real copy just so I can highlight the quotes.

Reading regret: I do regret that I have yet to buckle down and read the entire Harry Potter series. I know, hangs head in shame. I got through to book two. Maybe one day when I’m retired I finally will get to it, just to say I did it. Too many other book series, so little time for Harry.

Series you started and need to finish: Obviously Harry Potter. I plan to finish The Selection like in the next week. I’m 3 on the list so it should be any day now. I also want to finish the Lunar series, she also needs to finish writing the books so there is that.

Three of your all-time favorite books: This is like naming my favorite child. I just keep a random running list in my head that really isn’t in any particular order. Just off the top of my head – A Prayer For Owen Meany, Pride and Prejudice, The Book Thief.

Unapologetic fangirl for: dytopian and young adult- I really am fanning for John Green and TFIOS. I don’ always go to movies on opening weekend but when I do it’s because I really loved the book and just needed a little more. I’m looking forward to reading Paper Towns next once I get through my other need to reads.

Very excited for this release more than all the others: Probably whenever the next one in the Lunar series comes out, of course I have to read book 3 first but it just came and the last one doesn’t come out until next year.

Worst bookish habit: It’s probably that I really do devote way more time than I should to reading and staying up way too late on a school night…I mean work nigh.

X marks the spot: Start at the top of your shelf and pick the 27th book: How about the Good Reads list instead? Wicked The LIfe and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West. Ooh..that was a good one. I would love to see the musical.

Your latest book purchase: Does downloading a free one count? Pride and Prejudice

Zzz snatcher book (last book that kept you up WAY too late): I guess it was Night Circus. The ending is just a huge downhill roller coaster and you might as well stay on until the ride comes to a complete stop. It’s better that way.

Who’s The Blog Slacker?

This girl that’s who.

I’m not sure what happened to cause my lapse. I’m going to make the excuse that I’ve been busy, real busy.
Let’s break it down shall we?

Work (of course)

Since I left my previous position, they have been in dire straights, in that someone else left right after me, leaving them with a 4 person workload for 2. This is all SO very familiar as I have been the one that was of the 2 and even down to the 1. Yes friends, 1 person for a 4 person workload. This meant lots of “helpers” that really didn’t help much because their constant questions and fixing their mistakes made the workload more stressful. So yeah been there done that. Needless to say, my old boss who is a dear friend, had the cahonies to ask the VP of that department to ask my boss, who is the VP of my department, if they could spare me for a week or six. He actually brought me into his office with another boss and was reluctant to even ask me. It was kind of sweet in a weird way. So technically I have my full-time job and then leave for my “part-time” job at 5 and work a few more hours everyday. Everyone thinks I have lost my ever loving mind to go back to my old place but they are paying me OT and it is with my new pay, so who’s crazy now? I probably wouldn’t have done it if it was anybody else, though I probably would have because I enjoy the thought that I’m “valuable” and all that fuzzy stuff that goes with it.

At the new place I’m getting more “responsibilities” like proofing marketing items that are about to be finalized. This could be anything from web promotion stuff going on the website, radio scripts for ads, and anything and everything in between. They wanted a fresh set of eyes. If you knew the approval process and how many eyes and hands one piece is rotated around, your head would spin. If something is changed it has to go through the whole process again. One would think that that many eyes would find something amiss, you would be wrong. It’s basically when you’ve seen the same project 3-4 -8 times it gets a little tedious as I’m learning.
I will admit the whole proofing process has been a learning process as I figure out what I’m allowed to change content and sentence structure not so much. It’s been a challenge, if I think a sentence doesn’t sound/flow right and should be changed and they say it’s fine based on the marketing premise of the item, it makes things confusing. When I do find a glaring error that does need does feel empowered that you found it out of 4-5 people that missed it. (flexes muscles). I never saw myself as a grammar Natzi but my spidey senses have heightened and I’m asking a lot of questions. We actually have a proof/writer but even he makes mistakes.

I’m sure you’ve heard enough of that… Can you tell though, that I really am enjoying my job and the new challenges it’s bringing me?

The Boys

The oldest had his first dramatic debut last night. As a freshman the drama teacher normally doesn’t do “heavy” subjects for the newbs but she really thought they could handle it. It was a pretty dark message about drugs and teen pregnancy. They did a great job and he was able to play several different characters based on the boy to girl ratio of the class. I must also say that he was probably the greatest coat rack that I have ever seen. :)
I’m just so glad that he has found his niche and this probably is something he will carry on through high school. His teacher told him he certainly should do it competitively next year. The middle child is on his way to drama next year as well. I’m thinking this means I will be a future drama mama and will need their nifty bedazzled shirts that the “drama mama’s” sported last night.
The hubs is also adamant on getting the youngest into voice lessons. We really feel he has a inner singing talent that needs to be molded and hopefully produce something awesome. He’s very shy about it as I think I’ve mentioned before but we’re hoping voice lessons will get him over it.

The Latest On The Leaf

The latest on the Leaf thus far, is that Nissan worked really hard with us to get the payment back down to where we were more comfortable and so YAY we have a Leaf! I admit I am still very apprehensive about our new purchase and really hope it will make a huge difference in a lot of things. I’m pretty sure this very apprehension is why most Americans don’t take that leap to look more into electric cars.

The following are a few things to note about our/my experience so far….

I think I mentioned before that it only comes with a trickle charger. This means this particular power source to charge it is a lower voltage and takes a lot longer to charge -we’re talking 12 plus hours to charge. This is why it is imperative to purchase the actual wall charger and have it installed. We checked both Home Depot and Lowes and they don’t carry them in store so it will have to be purchased online. This was kind of a bummer as we really wanted to check our options on the chargers in person. In fact they looked at us like we had grown an extra head when we asked. For now we are still charging on the trickle and it works good enough for now. If you don’t let it get the full charge you may only get 45 to 50 miles which may seem like a lot but it really depends on how your going to drive it. Which brings me to the next point.

How it’s driven:
If your main commute is all highway and your going more than 20 miles one way it’s going to be always best to have a full charge, at least it is in my opinion based on my personal comfort. The hubs says he does fine going back to work even on a partial charge. When it is at a stop it gets a recharge for a few more miles. It’s actually fantastic for stop and go and we drive it on the weekends for errands.
One must also look at the amenities of radio, air conditioning and all the extras that use power. It’s another one of those things you have to take into account and adjust to. This kind of adjustment maybe an inconvenience for many as who wants to turn the AC off if power is getting too low? We really haven’t made that much of an adjustment and don’t feel it’s too big a deal. I’m just a little paranoid so I watch the power gauge like a hawk and if I feel like the miles are dropping too much for my comfort than the A/C goes off.
We have done a lot of research and apparently extreme temperature cold or hot also has a lot to do with its charge. This is something we are planning to really test, as Oklahoma is the epitome of one extreme to the other for weather. When I say “we” I mainly mean the hubs, as this whole Leaf thing is his big picture science experiment.
The drive is no different from any other car it’s just a big adjustment on getting used to the get up and go from stop to start.
All 3 boys actually fit just as comfortably as they do in the back of my Toyota, so the roominess is decent for a smaller car. I admit I feel like we’re a bunch of clowns getting out of the car when we get out but the youngest hasn’t complained and he is not one to hold back on his discomfort.
This whole power concept instead of gas is a completely different way of thinking. You plan your trips accordingly. If absolutely necessary, the Nissan dealer near us has reassured us that even if we need a charge on a Sunday when they are closed, they will open the gate for us if we call security ahead of time.

The plan is to try to keep you guys up to date on our findings at least once every two weeks. The hubs is actually starting up his own blog based on our experience as well.

Well Better Later Than Never

It’s a good thing I never made any resolution to blog more in 2014. I do hope to remedy that, just getting here and starting a post is half the battle.

I think my mood and attitude is finally coming around. Winter is always so bleak for me. The sun really makes a difference. I’m probably one of those few people who can actually notice the slightest difference that the days are gradually getting longer already.

Well enough with that….

As for the new year, it’s here and I have decided no life changing goals or any of that. I’m playing this one day by day. I have some really hopeful prospects (I think) in the works. I’m trying to be optimistic but also focused on my task at hand which has been extremely hard when you want to get started on this thing they call living to work instead of working to live. Sending me good vibes this week would really help a girl out.

I hate to admit that I don’t think I’ve even taken all of 3 pictures this year if that, and that includes my phone. January has always been the month with the least picture taking.

This is probably enough rambling for now. Looks like someone is really late taking down the Chirstmas decor this year. (Yes I still have a Christmas header up…let’s see if after this post I get something new and fresh up. I probably should brush up on my mad design skills.)

Day Book 11/04/13

Outside My Window: It’s getting chilly and dark and soon to be rainy. Typical fall I suppose. I’m loving the trees of color. They don’t have a lot of trees in North Texas and it saddens me, which I guess it shouldn’t since I don’t live there anymore. I’m just sayin…

I Am Hearing: The ending of Doctor Who Doomsday. Oh the feels. Here is my question to my particular Whovian friend. Rose talks about her mom being pregnant. I can’t ever understand why they didn’t ever bring anything up about it later when she (Rose) comes back? Real nerd problems I suppose.

I Am Thinking: Another “nerdy” show we enjoy is Bang Goes The Theory on BBC. Very sciency and right up there with Mythbusters but less explosions which I appreciate.

I’ve got other things on my mind but it’s kind of a hurry up and wait and see kind of thing. I’ll let you know when it’s all said and done.

I also will do better to comment on posts. I’ve been using my Kindle a lot to read the blogs and then do the writing on the laptop. I have a hard time going into the link, signing in with wordpress and trying to comment. I guess the Kindle and WordPress don’t jive well. Though I do have the wordpress app, just haven’t used it much on the Kindle.

I Am Hoping: I have some hopes but it’s still too early to mention anything yet. I’m sure you can kind of figure what I’m talking about. I’m not over hopeful but hopeful. How about that for chasing around the subject?

Plans For The Week: No big plans really. We’ll just wait and see.

Picture Thoughts: Trick or Treat was kind of a success and bust at the same time. The boys were the dynamic duo of Batman and Joker with the youngest as a last minute football player. He didn’t want to be Sheldon because he is weird like that. This week it is Red Ribbon Week so we’ll how much bribing it will take to get him to do dressing up for this week.

We were pretty much the only ones traversing around the neighborhood which was good and bad lots of extra candy at our house from no trick or treaters and good as we had the whole place to ourselves.

Day Book 10/29/2013

Outside My Window: It’s chilly, dark, and I’m dreading daylight savings time and I’m not sure when it starts. 


I Am Hearing: Mythbusters

I Am Thinking: It’s really strange not feeling stressed and pressed for time to get homework done on Sundays. I’d like to say I’m getting a lot done with my “free time” but it seems other stuff just gets in the way…of course

I Am Hoping: That the rest of this week is awesome. There’s a certain knock at my door and I think it’s a big O. I don’t want to say any more than that but send good vibes to me tomorrow. Pretty please.  

I Am Reading: I’m still reading Life After Life. I’m enjoying it I suppose. I’m really close to finish and somehow I think it’s going to be a let down. But who knows.

Plans For The Week: Besides the one thing tomorrow there’s that other thing on Thursday. I’m a little disappointed that we don’t get to dress up at work this year. First time ever they cancelled Halloween. I had big plans for me and my co-workers boys to be random insurance characters. -Mayhem, Jake from State Farm. Me as Flo of course. They were going to be willing to go with it because I’m bossy like that and when you’re the only girl you kind of get you way on things like this sort or. Any who that’s not happening and we’re all kind of bummed. 

Picture Thoughts: 

I’ll have to pass for the moment on pics..I selected the wrong “post” type in word and ugh…why does it have to be so complicated now?


Goodnight Sweet Boy…Go Gently To Your Rest

Ugh… I hate to even start a non meme post with this one, but writing is cheaper and easier than therapy for me at least.

We’ve had Annakin since he was wee little six weeks old. (If any mental energy prevails I will post pics in his homage)

I may tear up before I’ve even started.

I’ll admit he was a little puppy terror but dang it he was a cute one. He destroyed many a shoes and toys and everything in between. But again dang it he was cute.

He found a love of sprinklers and his girl Bella

They were inseparable including their escapes every other night to roam the country.

Then just over a month ago he started really having labored breathing it was obvious he was really struggling but didn’t complain and we knew we had to get him seen. The vet had no idea what was going on but both of his lungs were collapsed and all the air was now surrounding his chest cavity instead of inside his lungs. Normally situations like this are caused from a traumatic experience or some kind of puncture but there was nothing. They had to manually draw the air from his chest cavity in order to give room in chest to fill up again and breath..I think I’m describing that right.
Most people have a great difficulty of paying a great expense for a dog, it’s just a struggle for us as anyone else but we really didn’t want to give up and we felt blessed that we had some means for the time being to give it a shot. We wanted to show the boys that you just don’t give up on family.
After a couple of days in the hospital he miraculously got better. The vet couldn’t confirm whether it would come back again or not.

Fast forward 30 plus days with no problems and we woke up Friday morning to him struggling again to breath. This time it was pronounced he wouldn’t/couldn’t lay down but would stretch his neck up to get air.
We felt we were wringing our hands in despair as sure we were able to foot a significant vet bill before we couldn’t do it a second time in such a short period of time. We felt deep inside there probably wouldn’t be much option for him and who was to say it wouldn’t come back again?
Luckily or sadly the boys were out of school Friday. We got them up and explained our predicament. They understood sadly and said their goodbyes. We took him to his last visit to grandma’s to say goodbye, dropped the kids off and went on to the regular vet. We knew there wasn’t enough time to go across time to the emergency vet. We explained the grim situation and the vet contacted the emergency vet for more information to see if there could be one last try of something.
It was at this point that our poor boy who although struggling was acting like a puppy again and filled with curiosity of the sounds from the dogs on the other side of the closed door. He also was turning blue. If you never thought a black dog can turn blue, they most certainly can due to lack of oxygen. Our hearts sank greatly and we knew there really was just no more time.
So our sweet boy went to the great beyond with me and the hubs at his side. We took a moment to tell him how awesome he was and that he no longer had to suffer. I’m sure he’s around somewhere chasing sprinklers in the big back yard in the sky.
We will miss you sweet boy!

(so glad I took this pic last week, before there was nary a sign of any struggle)

Time To Get Back In The Groove

So glad to see that there are a few stragglers left… waiting patiently for my brilliance. :)

I’m trying to get back into the swing of “normalcy” and it’s going to take me a moment, so bare with me as I get back into a rhythm of writing for “fun” again. 

I haven’t even began to begin the other site yet but it will come soon. 

I have a few things to jot down that I need to write about: Snakes In a Kitchen (oh yes) My thoughts on Insanity, the boys and their doings, I want to get back into doing my Monday Posting (you know the one..Day Book) and a few other weekly prompts that I’m going to pretend I have time to do now. I’m still really trying to tell my brain that I am not on a in between semester break, because my brain thinks break as in relax from doing mind straining stuff. If that makes sense. I also will try really hard to get back into the blogospehere ( I’ve missed you guys and it so much!) 

Here is the part where I really get random…you know like normal. 

I am currently reading Life After Life by Kate Atkins. Interesting sort of a reincarnation of a little girl who can sort of change the outcome of how she dies or sometimes not. It had a slow start as it starts over and over again each time she passes. It literally retells her birth in a different light each  time she is “born again”. It’s been annoyingly interesting. I can’t explain it. 

Oh I must also tell you (whispers) I got a new car. Say what?! I know. I don’t even want to go into the long story of it but if you recall…just read two posts down :) My new car story then involved car issues and that snow balled into a lot of things to the point that we just weren’t happy with the car anymore and the woes it and the dealership caused. I am happy to report that I have a even more brand new car that is the 2013 Toyota Camry. It was a hail damage car from our big tornado in May. I’m sure you heard about it.  Anywho..long story short I fell in love with this car. I make the same payments that I did with the sporty car and this one is more of the family reliable stable no more fun girl car. I also feel 100 percent confident I will be taken better care of with the dealership with this one and I promise to never ever again buy another car for a little while. I didn’t want to mention (brag) about this turn of events on facebook as I’m sure people would be really annoyed with me. I’m also pretty sure the neighbors don’t even know what to do with the likes of us and the amount of car changes we have had in the last 4 years. 

That is all for now. I promise more content worthy posts and pictures in the near future. Bare with me on getting back in the groove of reading blogs again. I’m still testing out feed readers on my Kindle. Can I just say that I love doing the Internet thing on my Kindle? Not so much for writing blog posts, but reading them and facebook, and pinterest gives me so much more the feel of actually reading content than just surfing it on the computer. Give me your thoughts on feed readers for Kindle..if you’re in the know on these things. Right now I use the GReader, which I think is the knock off of the the old Google Reader. I think? 

Guess Who’s Back? Back Again…

Hello. Anybody Home? Is this thing on?

Since I have a little more free time than usual since the past 4 years (what? I was busy doing important things) and I’ve missed the whole blogging thing so much. I think it’s finally time to get back into the swing of things. 

The thing is, I created a new blog url as a sort of a turn the page, new chapter in my life kind of thing. Even though nothing is really new and nothing has really changed yet. This is just a random blurb to let you know I may be eventually moving to a new spot at It’s still in the works, like literally, I just got the name because that’s the tricky thing about getting a “new” blog name, because everyone else thinks they are so original with their blog name, that getting the exact one I wanted made it longer and more wordy than I wanted. Yet, I am never one short of words so I guess it fits. 

I will certainly let you know when it’s in the ready…if there is actually anyone still out there following me, what with feed readers dying and all…who wants to move a blog feed that nobody posts on anymore? Hopefully You that’s who. If not, I know where to find you and make you take me back. :)

Please pardon my random commentary to myself. I am a bit rusty at actually processing my (own) thoughts out loud and cohesively and that doesn’t entail scholarly works.