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I'm a full time working momma of 3 boys, we recently moved back to our home state of Oklahoma from our former other "home state" of Texas. T

So How’s It Going?

Let’s see…

I”m on my last week of this Quantitative Whatchyamacallit Class. I’m surviving I’ll say that much. It’s very practical kind of math but interest and it’s intricacies is still not really my forte.

I’m sure you have seen my youngest child’s solo debut. Some people have kids that make 58 yard touch down receptions and post it facebook, and mine just belts out a solo for an assembly. It really is the same difference in my opinion. The hubs and I admit we have watched the video more than is probably reasonable but we are pretty smitten and proud so yeah. He has had huge kudos through out the school, in fact the principal I assume was blown away and has been really giving him the compliments. Yeah, were a tinge proud.

Just for my own memory jot down, the other interesting tidbit that happened at the assembly was that the music teacher who was conducting the singing threw his shoulder out mid conduct. So he immediately laid on the stage in front of the whole school assembly. Needless to say it was quite the OMG scene and all was concerned and a good awkward long 5 minutes lasted and he finally got up and the show went on.

It’s my birthday week which hasn’t really felt birthdayish. I did get a new little tablet/laptop. My Kindle Fire bit the dust in other words I can’t ever seem to hold a internet connection and it’s kind of pointless without it, because hello? How else am I supposed to download my library books? Love this little guy that allows me to connect to the little keyboard and detach it. It’s not the cool colored ones that you see but it’s apparently actually better as stated by the husband.

Work has been able to use every capacity of my brain and I still love and loathe the fact that every single day has been some kind of random new thing. Sometimes it’s as small as finding a drawer organizer on the Staples site or taken on a brand new big project/report. It’s all scarily fascinating. It’s one of those things that I’ve had what I thought were “decent” jobs before but nothing really overly challenging and new. ( Stop me if you’ve heard this before for the 20th time.) It’s kind of mind blowing really. I know I’m sorry. I could go on really. I drive the hubs crazy.

I’ll leave you to that…

My Thoughts On New Shows So Far

I’ve actually never been big on new show premieres. I think it’s actually been a really really long time since I’ve even been halfway interested in any new shows in say never. This season seems a little more interesting and I shockingly have a long list of potential shows I want to watch and will probably review. So as of tonight here are my thoughts on what I’ve seen so far.

-BBT ( Big Bang Theory) It’s not new of course, well it is..you know what I mean. It didn’t do much for me. I really thought there would be some intriguing new changes what with all the changes happening, though I guess Penny’s hair and new job is bringing that change, but still it was pretty much status quo. Which is fine, because I’ve been very fearful they would jump the shark. BTW did I miss something where she was no longer going to pursue acting?

-Scorpion  I think this one will do well. I like the storyline of “geniuses” solving the government’s problems. It definitely gives me an Alias/ Sherlock vibe. Who doesn’t love acute attention to details and planes crashing due to bad software glitches? I think they picked a great time frame for right after BBT. I most likely will watch again.

-Forever I wanted to try to like this one. It was trying WAY to hard to be like another Sherlock with a Captain Jack Harkness feel to it based on the never dying thing. I’m not sure why they are all trying to jump on all of this attention to details bandwagon and then make detectives look really dumb like they have no clue about what to look for in suicide cases that aren’t suicide cases. This storyline itself is really really old. Just saying. There is a unique twist with his not dying thing but I’m not sure if it has captured my attention enough to come back. Dang, just thinking about the storyline I think I just figured it out…at least I have a theory.

We also watched the new episode of Agents of Shield. This is one where I have been roped into watching and I didn’t want to try to get involved but did anyway. Yes, the new story is intriguing. Yes, Lucy Lawless (Xena) appeared in this one. Hope she sticks around. It’s certainly going to be a new story that I really don’t want to get into but I know I will anyway.

Next up will be Selfie and How To Commit Murder. I have high hopes for both but I have a feeling only one will stay standing.

I also have Gotham recorded and I also want to watch The Red Band Society which are the hospital kids on Fox I think.

Tell me your thoughts…what have you watched so far that I need to see? Because the time for some reason, I think I have lots of, all of a sudden.

DAY BOOK 09.15.14

How long has this been? It’s like I don’t even know how to at least post something I’m consistent with.

Outside My Window: It’s certainly getting cooler…for September, which means it will get hot again come October.

I Am Hearing: Not much, a clock ticking I think?

I Am Hoping: That I make it through this week of busy planning meetings for next year. I may or may not have mentioned the overwhelming projects I have been coordinating. I’m thinking that’s a good thing. I love it, and hate it at the same time. ‘

I Am Thinking: How awesome this whole cooking club concept is. It just started last week. We prepared 92 meals, paid all of $5.00 per meal we “ordered” and browned/prepared any meat needed before cooking club. A very cheap way of having freezer meals won and done in one night and having fun doing it, because your with a bunch of other ladies who are busy doing other stuff. I’m looking forward to the next. It’s a lot of work but so worth knowing I have a nice stack of dinner at the ready.

I Am Reading: Reading has taken a back seat again. Reading chapters of quantitative math instead. It wasn’t as bad as it sounded but I still like to complain.

Song I Can’t Get Out Of My Head: I can’t get Shake It Off, or All About That Base. I know it’s a thing.

The Boys: The oldest finally decided to get rid of the mop on his head and we shaved it. Now I have twins (again) him and his middle brother, it is difficult telling them apart from the back of the head. And most escpecially if you only seem them in your peripheral vision. I hope to obtain a pic soon.

Plans For The Week: Bunco tomorrow, and hopefully a trip to the fair with just me and the hubs. The boys have already gone.

Picture Thought:

I was going to post this on facebook… this is my husband grocery shopping (two carts full) and the itty bitty trunk to put it all in. Not to mention the trunk is already half way full from other shopping visits. I’m not sure why it made me laugh, but I’m weird like that.

Because My Brain Needs To Defrag

In other words I am on brain over load this week and just need to clear a bunch of junk out of my head. Random conversation at dinner was about history and how the moments that just passed at dinner is now considered undocumented history. I quipped, unless I blog about it. So now it’s for sure documented history that we had dinner today at Furrs and the conversation about history has now been documented. Let it be written Let it be said.

About this week…
Let’s just say I’ve had various “challenges” through out my many careers, none of which I felt actually challenged by all of my mental prowess and with a lot of different aspects all at once, say like coordinating a major process that at this point isn’t just going to take a day or two to do, but weeks. Lists, Spreadsheets, Budgets, Meeting Coordinating, Planning of the Planning kind of stuff. Oh My! My mind is completely blown and I love it and am scared to death of it all at the same time. When I went into the planning of the planning meeting, I had no idea of the capacity of responsibility I would be manhandling pretty much on my own. I’m so used to sitting in on meetings and just shaking my head and nodding and not really being a part of the meeting. Today I was completely the main focus for the meeting to plan and do the stuff I need to do. Hold me because yeah.

Yeah so I needed a major brain dump tonight. Hence the random.
In order to do that I broke out the Guitar Hero and practiced a few bars. I’ve gotten really bad since 2006.
I’ve also been “socially” busy this week doing my wine and paint thing, which is the best thing on the planet for stress relief at least for me. Who cares if the painting isn’t the next Monet?

So the youngest made honor choir. I may have to blog about the “tryouts” or in other words no note was sent home of when they would be and what song or kind of song he needs to sing. In other words we were completely in the dark on when, where, how. It happened at recess. He sang Oklahoma, which he doesn’t know very well at all. We listen to a fairly wide range of music and he knows a wide range of songs; from all of the words to the National Anthem, down to Billionaire by Bruno.
So he made it and here was the kicker, he was told at school and then because he made it and practice was literally that same very day after school, he called the hubs to let him know “hey dad, I made it, btw practice is after school today, so you’ll need to pick me up at 4″. Now like some average American middle class families, both of us work an 8-5 kind of day. So when you give less than 24 hours notice about things like this, it tends to become a real inconvenience. Practice is everyday but Monday and Friday. Like I said a real convenience. (eye roll) Luckily my mother who is the after school amazing wonder grandma, will be picking him up after school like she always does when it comes to any after school activities. Sigh. Next year friends this time, I will have a son that can drive, in other words I have a son that will possibly be able to pick up little brothers’ from school. Let’s not go there yet. The thought literally and utterly completely puts every fear known to man in my soul and I just cannot take that right now this week. I’m sure it will be fine.

Brain dump over and out.

Take Me To The Ballgame…So My 14 Yr Old Can Network

Last week was our bi annual outing to the ball park for work. I’ve mentioned how spoiled we are in my little department? We get the suite, even if it is a minor league game, I will take free “entertainment” and dinner any day of the week. I’ve actually come around to enjoying watching the games it’s relaxing if anything.

The plan was to bring the whole family again because I literally could not give the tickets away. I guess a Tuesday on a school/work night is not everyone’s ideal time for a ball game. Me? I’m thinking I don’t have to cook. I ended up just taking the older two because the youngest had his singing lessons and we are trying to make that a big priority for now.
I let the older two know that my bosses would be there so they need to play it cool…in other words don’t embarrass mom in front of the bosses. It’s kind of funny how I’m warning them instead of them warning me not to embarrass them. Any who I don’t know if you recall that my middle child has never really known a stranger and can literally walk into a room and own it. When your an introvert like me who has no problem just quietly entering a room and no one really notice even with people you do know and it’s very low key with a “hey how’s it going?” kind of entrance. That’s more my speed, very low key.

When you combine my low key approach to my middle child’s approach of “HEY HERE I AM, THE PARTY CAN START NOW” It takes every fiber in your being to not sink into the floor and feel like you’ve been doused with water like the wicked witch of the west.
That my friends is exactly what happened the very second my hand opened the suite door and didn’t even take two steps inside. My middle son loudly exclaimed, “HEY YOU GUYS MUST BE THE BOSSES!” Granted, there was all of only 3 people in there at the time, 2 of course being the bosses. At that point it was ha ha omg I’m gonna die but funny for everyone, but the worst part was that it then re drew attention to myself as my boss exclaimed, “No your mom is really the boss.” The middle child took it literally and it’s hard to explain to him based on his Aspie ways that he was joking. He couldn’t get over thinking that I was the boss of my boss and was just completely blown away by that. That’s how my middle child suddenly became buddy buddies with my boss and yes was literally giving him marketing advice the entire evening.

My oldest child is just like me in social aptitude and awkwardness, I’m pretty sure he was dying a thousand more times inside than I was. He didn’t want to be there in the first place so this was like complete torture and his brother was the torturer. On the one hand, I am in complete awe of my middle child and that he can literally own the place two seconds after walking in the door. People remember him and feel comfortable around him, maybe because he is the ice breaker of social awkwardness. He is that person at parties that is per say the one you don’t want to be -the life of the party, the wild and crazy guy, because you think people will talk about you later and make fun of you. Since he could care less of what you think of him people flock to that and get a sense of comfort from it.
I will never get over my social inadequacies but it’s nice to know that my middle will never have a problem anywhere.
As we left he high-fived my boss and told him we will have to do this again sometime..maybe a Thunder game or something. You would have thought that he was on a business outing with his marketing ideas and advice. Watch out boss man he’s coming for you.

And Another One Down…

We survived the first week of school with little to no scarring except for the scars in my mind of my two oldest children and their quest to achieve school picture day failure. A backwards shirt wouldn’t normally be too much of a big deal and it probably won’t be that noticeable in the picture, it’s just the thought that it was a V NECK shirt of all things. That was probably very noticeable. Unless kids these days are so into their phones walking down the halls that stuff like that really doesn’t get noticed. Scary Thought.

Then there is the oldest and his hair. He has uncontrollable Elvis like hair. It’s crazy thick and crazy. Not to mention the combing regiment, which there is nothing to mention because there isn’t one. The hubs and I have already decided to just let it go…let it go. He’s 15 and he can do what he wants (with his hair). If you saw the Doctor Who special and Strax mentions removing Clara’s hat which was really her hair….cracked me up. Now I call the son’s hair his hat. Shall I remove your hat son? He didn’t find it as comical as I did.

I can only imagine what their school pic looks like. It’s a darn good thing that I haven’t purchased school pics since the oldest was in Pre-K. How lame am I? I know it’s about the memories but why pay for something that I can do myself and control how and when to do it.

I do love these boys and my incessant teasing and gnashing of teeth is only because what little control I do have is zero to one and I know I have to just pick my battles and declare it could be worse, a lot worse.

The youngest is also controlling his mouth so far, which thank goodness that wretched hole punch behavior system from last year is behind us. His teacher seems as if she has some experience under her belt and I believe is going to be a good challenge for this one. He actually admitted that he likes her enough that he’s learning something. Hello Latin contexts in spelling words. Hopefully we have hit the teacher jackpot with this one. Hopefully I didn’t speak too soon.

As for me, my first semester is won and done. I have to admit I enjoyed it for the most part and reading the Wall Street Journal now is a part of my daily routine at work and a lot of terminology from class amazingly pops up in the WSJ. The funny thing is I read it for my own lack of a better term “enjoyment” and not so much for research/discussion for class. It did come in handy though. Now on to Quantitative Business Strategies. Doesn’t that sound like one to lull you to sleep at night? I’m trying to be open minded but it’s really hard when the word “quantitative” is involved.

Lastly I just wanted to randomly say that a co-worker mentioned to me she is writing a book. She never had any aspirations of writing a book but she had a vivid dream that she just could not get out of her mind and finally decided to write about it and it’s just completely evolved from there. She said that she has literally formed spreadsheets of just characterization stuff that isn’t’ completely relevant to the story but a means for her to know her characters inside and out. I found this fascinating. Any who I told her I would love to be what she considers a second reader which means I will get to read it once she is done and then come to her with my input and what not. I mention that I blog and have tens of tons of readers to help spread the word. I don’t always like to mention the blog because it makes me self conscious and I’m not that consistent and well context could use some work. You know like pimples on your pretty face that kind of thing. Anyway she was somewhat intrigued by the blog but thankfully didn’t ask for the url. I don’t think I could have done it…yet. I have close friends that don’t even know about the blog. Sometimes it’s just best to leave it as my own little personal enigma. /total of course randomness right there..again why we don’t give out the url to friends and work peeps. I have to face them everyday, unlike you dear reader who can judge me all day and it not phase me.


Forgive My Absence…Again

If I had a nickel for every time I begged you to forgive me for the lack of blogging. If your new around here well, this is the norm. Sorry! I’m really quite entertaining or something.

A few random things….

School has been a fantastic start for the first class of mastering the Masters. It’s a management class and I feel very insightful about various things based on my various job experiences. Is it wrong to feel like the smarty pants/teachers pet of the class? It also helps that I read the Wall Street Journal now on a daily basis at work. This is not because I have to but I actually enjoy it and I have lulls where I can actually read it. There’s a lot of “marketing” insight that I find fascinating and it’s been a great resource for class discussions. Yes, I am that girl. I’m not so looking forward to the next class which is some kind of quantitative management skills class. I didn’t even know what that means but I’m thinking math and excel spread sheets may be involved. Gulp.

I could post for days about work and my experiences and thoughts but I’ll spare you. I still love the aspect of kind of in watching the show so to speak. There is always a flurry of action around me and I’m just bubble girl watching from with in. Which brings me to my last point on work, I’m realizing that I’m not great at working individually and prefer a team environment. As the assistant, I’m kind of a one woman show and this is completely different to my normal working style. I think  thrive better in a team. Sure i’m helping out when and where I can but it’s not the same as actually being apart of the team. Sigh. I love my job but I want more. Patience young grasshopper.

The boys. I feel like I never talk about the boys. The boys are so self sustaining for the most part that I kind of feel like a floating entity at home too.

The youngest keeps me on a constant upbeat. I’m grateful that he has that daring outspoken personality that the other two don’t have. He cut part of his hair the other day, simply because they were in his eyes. It was quite the hilarity. I promised him I wouldn’t take a picture or post about it on Facebook but I didn’t mention anything about the blog.

He still sings constantly, which I love. Right now as I type this he is singing Billionaire-Bruno Mars. He has such a range of songs and really doesn’t care who hears it. He’s gotten a lot more confidence on who he sings to. We just heard at Meet The Teacher that there is an honor choir for 5th grade with tryouts. You don’t even know how hard it is to completely obsess about this for him. Him? Meh whatever. I know he’ll tryout and he could probably just show up with little to no practice on a song and just sing whatever pops into his head and make it. Not that I’m over confident or biased or anything. I admit I’m really gushing about the whole thought of him being in honor choir.

The oldest two will both be in high school. This year it’s no big thing, despite the fact I’m putting out of my mind the thought that the oldest will be learning to drive very soon, like November. I admit I’m a little bit in denial and scared out of my mind for him. I’m not even sure how much he really yearns to drive. He doesn’t obsess on it like I did at his age. I’m not sure why he doesn’t think it’s a big deal. He’s looking forward to Drama and Mythology which is actually a history class if you can believe it. Just the Mythology class of course.

I’m not too worried about the middle. He doesn’t go into new situations with apprehension. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t even know how to act with apprehension. I’m sure it’s the Aspie in him.

I absolutely hate that my photography has gone completely down the drain. I don’t even know the last time I broke out the “big” camera much less where it is at this very moment. Insert very sad face. I promise to remedy that eventually. I have no idea how the yearly photo calendar is going to work out this year.

We are hoping to make a little trip to Dallas in October for DallasCom Fan Days. Insert Nerd Herd Here. I’m just really looking forward to a getaway of any kind. It sounds like a lot of fun with fun guests like the twins from Harry Potter, and Adam West from Batman and some of the actors from Indiana Jones. It’s not exactly San Diego Comic Con but we take what we can get around here.

Let’s see what else. I finished the 3rd book of The Lunar Chronicles. It took me about a month to read it but it was fantastic. It was an audible from the library which is why I think it took longer. I can’t say enough of how much I have enjoyed this series, despite the edge of my seat stress. This hence is why I finally have a chance to blog because it’s like I’ve been plummeted back to reality and I don’t know what else to do with my self if I’m not reading a book or doing homework. The 4th book of the series I think comes out later this year or early next. Pout. I rarely read a series that hasn’t already been finished but this one and The Selection series seems to fall in that category. Now to find something else.